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Accidents Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Submitted by Lindsay Nolan on 2007-12-30 and viewed 16688 times.
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Accidents happen all the time and has become something very common. The best method that we can opt for to reduce is accidents is to follow the traffic rules, drive safely, protect yourself by wearing a helmet etc. Insurance companies are there to provide us with a compensation incase we have taken a policy with them. This is only a partial compensation; your injuries mental and emotional cannot be compensated for.

In this modern world accidents have become common and are a day to day affair. Every day we read about such incidents in news papers, periodicals and watch about them on our Television sets too. Some of the video clippings are even disturbing. Disasters do take place all over the world. Crash and collision occur on road, rails, air and even in space. Apart from this fire, nature's catastrophes like earth quake, gale and water instigate heavy causalities. Every year millions of people are killed because of disasters world wide.

Accidents are incidents that happen unexpectedly, immediately and one does not have any control over it. Most of them are minor in nature, resulting with small injuries. Some of the incidents like train collision, the reason for the mishap may be explored in quest of finding the root cause. Methods to avoid such type of collision may be formulated and executed. But that is not going to be the total solution for all train collisions. If we analyze the reason for vehicle mishaps on road, some of them are due to malfunction of the mechanism. Periodic maintenance schedule must be imposed on vehicle owners, thus a under maintained vehicle will not be on road. This will reduce the rate of accidents on road.

Observing traffic rules is very important for all countries. A large percentage of road accidents can be reduced if traffic rules are followed meticulously. Wearing head gear, most of fatal head injuries in case of a two wheeler rider will be reduced. Imposing stringent rules on two wheeler riders by the traffic authorities to wear fully protected helmets is one way of reducing fatal injuries. Similarly, inflexible rules have to be devised for, three wheelers, four wheelers and other type of vehicle users. All these are only preventing methods that minimize the rate of injury or fatal injury but accidents will remain part of life in this contemporary world.

1.2 million People are killed in accidents every year worldwide, is an alarming statistic. This statistic takes us back to the conclusion that accidents cannot be prevented. Under these circumstances, insurance plays major role in the form of providing compromise. Medical expenses and damage expenses of the vehicle are compensated by them to a certain extent. In case of death huge sum is paid to the nominee. Prearrangement is necessary by entering an agreement with the insurance company, and by paying necessary premium. A policy is issued by Insurance Company which will cover accidental death or permanent disability etc. There are number of plans available with Insurance companies to the requirement. Some companies, in case of death, compensate to the tune of 3 to 20 lakhs depending upon the plan selected.

Transport facilities in most of the developing countries are insufficient and worsening. Traffic structure and traffic requirement are not met together in most of the cities resulting in peak hours being crowded, constant traffic jams, speeding and rash driving.

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Accidents to be taken seriously and should be avoided by practicing a safe life.

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