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Motorbike Theory Test & Motorcycle Theory Test

Submitted by Steve Simpson on 2007-12-08 and viewed 14580 times.
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Practice your motorcycle theory test and motorbike theory test for FREE today

If you are planning on getting a motorcycle you still need to get a valid driving license.  Part of the application process for a driving license requires you to take a theory test just like when you are applying for a car driving license.  This involves the applicant sitting at a computer and answering a series of questions within a set time limit.

Until recently you had to answer 35 questions within a 40 minute time frame.  To pass the test successfully you had to answer at least 30 of the questions correctly.  However the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has recently made major changes to the theory test.  You know have to answer 50 questions within a time frame of 57 minutes.  To pass the test you need to answer at least 43 of the 50 questions correctly.

The cost to take you theory test is currently  28.50 (as of 8th December 2007) and the fee to take your motorcycle test itself is 60 during the week during daytime or 70 during evenings and weekends.  To view the test fees click here

Obviously the cost of taking your motorcycle theory test is not cheap, especially if you dont pass as you will have to pay the fee each and every time you take the test.  You can pay the DSA 6.99 to practise your theory test online for a 30 day period after which your subscription will expire.  A cheaper alternative is to log onto and practise your theory test for FREE.  Whilst it is only a mock theory test and not in the same format as the DSA theory test, it is FREE and all the questions are official DSA questions.

Once you have practiced your theory test for FREE you may be ready to take your real motorcycle theory test and hopefully pass first time saving you both time and money.  If you know anyone who is wanting to take their theory test, tell them to log onto today.

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Motorbike Theory Test - Motorcycle theory Test - DSA Theory Test - Mock Theory Test

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