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Motorbike Accident Legal Help

Submitted by Steve Simpson on 2007-12-08 and viewed 11167 times.
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Find UK Motorcycle Accident Solicitors and Motorbike accident solicitors in your area who can deal with your motorcycle accident claim

UK Motorbike Accident Solicitors & UK Motorcycle Accident Solicitors dealing with Motorcycle Accident Claims

If you are a motorcycle rider and have been involved in either a motorbike accident or motorcyle accident which was not your fault then you are entitled to claim for compensation for any damages caused as a result of the motorbike accident from the third party insurance company. 

What this means in simple terms is that if you have suffered a personal injury as a result of being knocked off your motorcycle or motorbike, you can claim for compensation (ie money) from the insurance company of the driver responsible.  In some cases the party responsible may not have insurance.  In this instance it is still possible to make a claim for compensation through the motor insurers bureau (MIB).

As motorbike accidents tend to involve much more serious injuries than that of conventional road traffic accidents involving cars, it is usually possible to get a solicitor to represent you on a no-win no-fee basis.  What this means is that the solicitor will only get a fee if they are successful in winning your case.  If they dont they you pay nothing.  This is a win win situation for you because if you win then the third party insurance company will pay the legal costs anyway so you have absolutely no liability in terms of legal costs incurred which can often run into thousands of pounds.

Make sure that the motorbike accident solicitor you choose to represent you in your motorbike accident claim is suitably qualified in handling personal injury claims.  Also make sure that when signing no-win no-fee agreements that you keep 100% of the compensation awarded to you.  There are some unscrupulous legal firms out there who get you to sign contracts which effectively gives them a percentage of your compensation as well as their legal costs!  I know, greedy or what!  Often the client only finds out about this when they receive their cheque in the post for a great deal less than what they were expecting.

It makes sense to deal with a motorbike accident solicitor who has relevant experience in dealing with motorbike accident claims and motorcycle accident claims.  They will be sympathetic to your cause and treat you in an unpartial and unbiased manner.  Given the negative press that a lot of motorbike riders get, this is quite reassuring to know that your solicitor is on your side.

There is a website called (visit website)which caters specifically for bikers.  They have a motorbike accident legal section which allows motorbike riders who have been involved in motorbike accidents and motorcycle accidents to find details of motorbike accident solicitors and motorcycle accident solicitors in their area who can represent them in making a motorcycle accident claim for compensation. 

Nearly all of the solicitors listed offer no-win no-fee and all have vast experience when it comes to dealing with motorbike accident claims which often involve substantial claims due to the severity of the injuries which are received as a result of the motorcycle accident.

All the solicitors are also regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA - formerly know of the Law Society).  Many of the solicitors are also members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and Law Society Personal Injury Panel.  What this means is that they are suitably qualified to handle all aspects of your claim for compensation.  This is especially important as legal cases involving serious injuries can often run into tens of thousands of pounds.  You want to know that the solicitor representing you knows what they are doing and also knows about what you are legally allowed to claim for.

All the solicitors listed on our website are picked individually by us to ensure that they all meet the high standard required to deal with motorbike accidents and motorcycle accidents.  To use the service you simply go to the legal section of the website (visit website) and enter your uk postcode.  What we will then do is find a motorbike accident solicitor in your area who can handle your motorcycle accident claim in a professional unbiased and impartial manner.

We hope that you find this information useful.  If you know of anyone who has been involved in either a motorbike accident or motorcycle accident and they require a specialist UK motorcycle accident solicitor then tell them to log onto visit website and find a solicitor who can help them make a successful claim for compensation.

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UK Motorbike Accident Solicitors & UK Motorcycle Accident Solicitors dealing with Motorcycle Accident Claims

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