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Whiplash Claim Tips

Submitted by Lindsay Nolan on 2007-09-04 and viewed 26471 times.
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Never let an injury such as the whiplash creep up on you unexpectedly. If you were involved in an accident recently then go and see a good doctor. If he tells you you have whiplash, I strongly advise you make a whiplash claim, which can result in a nice compensation cheque.

The whiplash claim is the legal action that you can carry on after being the victim of an accident that was provoked by somebody else's negligence, resulting in a whiplash injury for you. The whiplash usually appears after road accidents, most of the times in rear end collision situations.

If you want to cure whiplash, you must know what it is first. By definition it's a neck injury, being a normal consequence of damage to the neck muscles and tendons. This damage is a result of the sudden shaking of one's head back and forth in a split second during the accident. The harder the head is shook in that moment, the more dangerous this injury gets.

This kind of injury has various effects. Sometimes it can be so light that the victim gets cured after only a few weeks of treatment. Others, unfortunately, can end up with permanent disabilities; that's how serious it can get. And depending on the seriousness of the illness, the amount of compensation will be determined.

Here are the clues that can indicate whiplash type injuries: neck pain and stiffness, pain in the arms, legs and shoulders, pains which are most of the times come with stiffness, dizziness and headaches. If this happens to you several days after being involved in an accident, don't immediately discard it saying it's just a normal reaction of the body for the shock, and keep in mind that it can be more serious than it seems.

If you ignore the symptoms, you'll be sorry later on. When a person fails to pay attention to them, they suddenly realize after two years have passed that the illness is kicking back with force. That's why it shouldn't be discarded by any means.

Now, let's know the whiplash better. It's important to be aware of the fact that the accident which resulted in a whiplash on your part must not be your fault. For instance, when the other driver is to blame for the accident, the claim is going to be directed against that driver's insurance company.

Evidently, you must request the services of a lawyer. Don't worry about it, cases like this rarely go to Court. You can find great lawyers at specialized companies, which can offer good services and under a no win no fee commission agreement.

No win no fee? What's that?

The no win no fee policy is a legal agreement between the lawyer and his client, agreement which gives the client the possibility of paying for the services of his/her lawyer only if the solicitor wins the case. That means that if the lawyer loses your claim, he doesn't get paid at all.

So the cases are always carefully examined, and if they take your case then it's probably going to be a winner. How much you will receive is an amount of compensation decided mainly by analyzing the seriousness of your whiplash, but you can also get compensated for:

medical bills;

phone bills;

estimated medical expenses for the future;

your attorney's fees.

Obviously, the cost of those must be in relation with the accident. With a little bit of patience, a competent lawyer and some luck, you will get your compensation, the result of your whiplash claim.

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A whiplash claim must be done carefully, following the law. If you are one of the thousands of persons that suffer from whiplash after an accident, then find a good lawyer to make your claim a successful one.

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