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Personal Injury Accident Compensation Claims – DO NOT SPEAK TO STREET CANVASSERS

Submitted by Becky Cross on 2006-08-21 and viewed 8588 times.
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They lurk on most high streets.  Personal injury salesmen are exactly that, salesmen.  Their job is to capture your information and pass it onto their employer, who in turn, sell it on to a marketing company, who in turn, sells it to a solicitor. 


These street personnel will know absolutely nothing about the value of your personal injury claim, the liability involved, the cost implications, the legal expenses insurance needed, the case law – blah blah ...... trust me, they will know very little indeed, or in most cases absolutely nothing. 


You should only take personal injury advice from a properly qualified solicitor.  Who is going to know the answers – a solicitor who is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, or Chris, the street canvasser?


Chris knows one thing though, how much he’ll be paid for your information. 


Shortly, personal injury street canvassing is most likely to be made illegal.  In fact, the sooner, the better.  Chris can then go back to selling electricity or mobile phone contracts.  The high streets will be freed from touts like Chris.


Some weeks ago, I was stopped by a canvasser, who demanded to know if I or a member of my family had sustained an accident...... Out of devilment, I said I’d suffered a whiplash injury some weeks earlier. 


The salesman asked if I still had neck pain.  When I confirmed that was the case, he then said (incredibly), “I’ve assessed your case and you will qualify for compensation, anywhere up to £10,000”.  This chap was obviously a qualified doctor, as well as being a solicitor, amazing, two for the price of one! 


He’d also bothered to get into character, shabby red anorak, tatty clipboard, fag etc.  He’d even bothered to sleep in his clothes the night before, for added realism...... a true professional. 


If you’ve had an accident and want advice on personal injury compensation – for goodness sake, contact a professional.


And by the way...... you are entitled to 100% of your compensation.  Never make an up front payment OR agree to a deduction at the conclusion of your case.  Visit

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